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Floral Luminescence by LockeEx Floral Luminescence by LockeEx
This is a flower that I made in Blender. I hope you enjoy it.

~*For Blender users*~
There is too much stuff to explain it so that you can learn something, but if you're interested in a more detailed or proper explanation, message me or comment.

This was a heavy test for the compositing nodes to see how well I learned some of the functions. I used a lot of stuff in the compositing editor in order to make this, and it's starting to feel like a weaker but quasi-automatic Photoshop or GIMP to me. Essentially what I did was I stuck the ugly purple flower in there, screened a blurred image over the flower, changed the color using the RGB color curves, and changed the brightness/contrast several times, not necessarily in that order. Looking back at the blend file, there seems to be a lot of other stuff in there like defocus and lens distortion, but used somewhere early on.

The center of the flower was made separately and put in a separate layer with a noisy wood ring texture. I also edited it beyond recognition using the composite nodes.

The compositing nodes are very delicate, however, in that if I changed the lighting even a little bit, the picture would change completely, because there were so many nodes. Again, comment or message me if you want more details.
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October 22, 2009
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